Instructions for Application

Complete these steps to ensure your spot on our Detasseling crews for Summer of 2023!

  1. Go to fill out the Detasseling Application Form, e sign and click submit. Please only do this 1 time.  You will get a confirmation email.  Check your junk or spam folder if it is not in your inbox.
  1. Go to  to download the following forms (I-9, W-4 (Federal), W-4N (Nebraska), Health History.  If you requested paperwork to mailed to you skip to Step 3.
  1. Fill out all four forms legibly and be sure to Sign and Date all of them.
    • I-9: Fill out all the highlighted areas. You will only need to return pages 1 & 2. Hold on to Page 3 as it gives examples of acceptable forms of ID that you will turn in with this form.
    • W-4, W-4N: Fill out all the highlighted areas. Your legal name on this form MUST match exactly what is written on your social security card. You will only need to return page 1 of both forms.
    • Special Procedures: ONLY if filing EXEMPT on W-4s! Fill out all the highlighted areas.
    • Health History: Fill out all the highlighted area and answer the questions.  In addition to your signature, be sure to have a parent/legal guardian sign and date too.
  1. Make a copy of your identification document(s). You can choose Option #1 OR Option #2 below. Please refer to page 3 of the I-9 for examples of the following:
    • Option #1: Only need 1 form of ID
      • A U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport card
    • Option #2: Must have Two forms of ID, 1 from List B and 1 from List C from page 3 of I-9.
  1. Mail or FAX your completed paperwork (1-9, W-4, Special Procedures (if EXEMPT), Health History and copies of your ID to the following Address:

Gangwish Seed Farms, Inc.

Attn: Niki

P.O. Box 530 Shelton, NE 68876

308-647-5517 (fax line)